As part of my Job, I get to regularly review customer feedback and find a way/process/action to fix the issues to make the customers satisfied.

One of my observations is that, if one is not open to feedback, it becomes difficult to handle customer’s feedback, not only the external customer but importantly internal customers.

Whether you are at work or with family, we always get feedback that can be good/bad/suggestions/improvements. Most of us expect positive feedback that makes us happy. For all other feedbacks which make us unhappy, we tend to be in defensive and our ego takes over us in that situation.

What we can do here?

Be compassionate. May it be our friends, colleagues or customers, they all can frustrated, angry, disappointed and upset at times. We should not reciprocate with the same feeling. Meet those feeling with compassion. We should thank them for bringing the concern to you.

If you are open to supporting others, it is important that you need to take care of all the concerns and make sure that all the issues are fixed. Consider it as they have come with a gift, an opportunity to support them help them to solve the problem.

Before overreacting to the problems, the first thing you have to do is ‘listen’. Listen carefully to their concerns. As you listen to them, you will be able to understand what the problems are. This will help to find solutions soon. You can also take more detailed information, examples, data points, which will help you to understand the real root cause.

Informing the concerned customer what steps you are going to take to solve the problems will help restore/gather the credibility. You can also inform about what all step you are not able to take so that both are clear on the step you are going to follow. Be transparent and, do not overcommit to solve all the concerns at a stretch. Step by step, brick by brick.

If you need help from others, make sure to seek help. Do not keep it yourself and struggle to solve it.

Once you completely understand the feedback, you must rectify it. Sharing the experience with your team will help them handle similar situations with much ease.

We need to make sure that thank them for their feedback. Ask for regular feedback that’s how we improve and go to the next level.